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Tour, Treks & Adventure Travel Operator

I am an adventure travel operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal, specializing in culture and nature tours, treks, hikes, mountain climbing and adventure experiences. Since 2010, I have been organizing various travel activities in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Mount Kailash, and North India.



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I specialize in organizing cultural and nature tours, trekking adventures, mountain climbing expeditions, and adventure travel experiences across Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

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    Nepal: Embrace the Majesty of the Himalayas and Rich Cultural Heritage. If you seek to explore pristine Himalayan landscapes, immerse yourself in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, visit historical sites steeped in fascinating tales, embark on jungle safaris, or simply enjoy breathtaking mountain vistas, Nepal is a must-visit destination for your bucket list.

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    Bhutan: Kingdom of Serenity and Spiritual Beauty. Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom in the eastern Himalayas, famous for its monasteries, dzongs, and diverse landscapes. Most of the travelers visit Bhutan to enjoy the culture and beautiful nature.

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    Multi-Country Tours: Single trip packages covering Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India, with the flexibility to choose between touring two, three, or all four countries. These tours are designed to provide travelers with the opportunity to experience the cultural richness of the Eastern region and explore the majestic Himalayan landscapes.

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    Tibet & Mt. Kailash

    Tibet and Mt. Kailash Tours: Roof of the World: Explore the Himalayas with tours and treks that immerse you in Tibetan Buddhist culture and pristine landscapes. Discover the spiritual destination of Mt. Kailash.

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    North India

    North India Tours: Explore the rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes of Northern India around Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi and Sikkim-Darjeeling.


Education & Experience

My life has been enriched by a combination of formal education and valuable work experiences. Through dedicated pursuit of my education degree and diligent application in various professional roles, I've cultivated a robust foundation of knowledge and skills that have shaped my journey.

2007 - 2009
Master Degree In Education
@ Tribhuvan University
2004 - 2006
Bachelor Degree In Education
@ Tribhuvan University
2019 - Present
Managing Director
@ Himalayan Mentor
2010 - 2019
Correspondence Officer
@ Himalayan Mentor
2007 - 2019
Senior Web Designer
@ Nepal Media Network
2004 - 2007
Web Designer
@ NepalLink Network

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